The perfect waterless urinal


Waterless - no magic

Waterless means that no water is used to rinse. That does not mean there is no drain required, the urine will eventually just disappear into the sewer. But by the absence of water to rinse, no clean drinking water is unnecessarily wasted, and the amount of waste water is greatly diminished.

Odor & Hygiene

What many do not know is that the "typical alleys smell" does not come from urinals, but in fact from old urine, which comes or has been in contact with moisture. This old urine, often found in old joints, is full of bacteria responsible for the smell. The urinals when properly maintained are not guilty thereto, neither the flushed nor the waterless urinals. Fact is that water flushed urinals are more difficult to clean because of the flush valves and the presence of edges (where the rinse water comes from). Water is causing lime to remain, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria again.


Operation odor trap
The connection between EcoGreen's MrFriendly urinal and the sewer has of course an odor trap, like all plumbing. In the case of waterless urinals is that no water trap. A liquid provides an always perfectly functioning seal, where contaminants have no control over, as oposed to mechanical seals.



Waterless urinals are sustainable. They save potentially more than 100,000 liters of clean drinking water per year, and equally as much waste water. (Waste) water that does not need to be transported (also transport by pipeline costs energy!) and does not need to be cleaned.


Waterless urinals also have advantages in use.
  • No odor when forgotten to flush
  • Easier technical maintenance: no more leaking valves, no batteries for automatic flush button
  • Much more hygienic by absence of a flush valve
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reduced calcification in the pipes

Advantages EcoGreen's MrFriendly urinal

  • Very attractive design, strong and lightweight, completely recyclable
  • Economical in use and always fresh, liquid in siphon easy to replenish
  • Optional digital media player for potential revenue
  • Available in almost every color, or with media frame in a second color

Your wallet

The absence of water causes a number of costs to disappear.
  • Reduced installation costs: no water supply, no (automatic) flush valves
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to absence of flush valves (rubbers, batteries)
  • Less water costs
  • Less waste water costs
  • Less cleaning costs
  • No odor cubes
  • Possible advertising revenue
Fact sheet of an Australian water company (650kB) with explanation of how waterless urinals work and where they differ.
Our fact sheet(280 kB).
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