Drinking-water is for drinking

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We often tend to take it for granted and normally don't realize that a well functioning water infrastructure is not self-evident. Even in situations where usually water is not scarce. There are many good reasons to reduce water usage:
  • Preventing extra investment in new infrastructure. Peak consumption can exceed the maximum capacity of supply and wastewater systems. Reducing usage can reduce the expansion of the supply and wastewater system or even prevent the need for additional investments in the extension of water desalination plants.
  • Cleansing and transport of water costs money and energy (CO2), regardless whether it is for fresh water or wastewater.
  • Shortage of fresh water, first noticed by lowering water levels in the ground and other natural fresh water reservoirs, like drying riverbeds and lakes, the need for additional desalination plants, altogether eventually lead to a faltering water supply.
EcoGreen helps you with water saving to reach your CSR goals, and to comply to environmental friendly standards like Green Key, ISO 14000 and BREEAM.

Flushing drinking-water?

EcoGreen helps, while preserving a comfortable environment, the solution of these problems by enabling water usage reduction. We have developed a new waterless urinal, using the newest high end technologies, together with a partner with lots of experience in this area. Drinking-water is for drinking. EcoGreens urinal means large savings for both the environment and your wallet.
The waterless urinal has an optional digital remotely controlled media player. Saving money becomes earning money. Calculate your potential savings!
To complete water saving in your restrooms, EcoGreen supplies water saving regulators for the faucets.
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