Real sustainability costs less!

Savings and life cycle

During the life cycle of waterless urinals there are a lot of cost savings that go well beyond saving on (waste) water, whereby hygiene and ease of use are guaranteed better than with water flushed urinals. We can help you to calculate your potential savings.

Initial savings

For flushed urinals a water supply must be constructed. The water pipe has to be connected to a manual or automatic flush valve. The purchase and construction costs money, which is saved in case of waterless urinals.
The weight and the simplicity of the installation procedure of a EcoGreen MrFriendly urinal ensure that the installation can easily be performed by a single person in a short period of time. For renovation and replacement of a water flushed urinal there is often no recovery of tiles needed. The capped pipe will usually fit behind the EcoGreen urinal.

Regular savings

The urinal

Cleaning a waterless urinal is simpler than a flushed urinal. Flushed urinals always have an edge where the rinse water comes from below, where drops leave lime marks. If the scale is not removed properly, this becomes combined with urine splashes a source of bad odors. In EcoGreen's MrFriendly urinals there is no such edge, which makes cleaning a lot easier.

The flush valve

For hygiene it is also important that the flush valve is cleaned. As a general rule, the cheaper the flush valve, the more difficult it is to clean. However waterless urinals are hygienic by the absence of the (expensive) flush valve and thereby create a direct saving on the cleaning costs.

Floor and wall

The design with wide "bowl" ensures that less urine ends up outside the urinal, which is beneficial for the cleaning process.

Incidental savings


Depending on the hardness of the water, more or less hard limestone will be formed in de waste pipes, caused by the usage of flushed urinals. This may take such forms that the pipes once every few years need major maintenance. These hard deposits are absent in waterless urinals.

The flush valve

Especially in public locations the coil installations quite often need maintenance. The presence of less affected users often leads to malfunctions. Faults are not only caused by rough use, also calcification and replacing batteries are a well-known reason for (additional) maintenance. Annoying of these failures is that they do not concider your schedule and also occur at times when it is busy or just presentable appearance is important.
The worst situations of failure to flush valves are in combination with a clogged urinal. Paper or other waste in the urinal ensures that water can not escape and that the urinal is overflowing. This will not happen with a waterless urinal.
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