40 seconds of undivided attention of male public


EcoGreen's MrFriendly urinals are provided with the option to distribute information. Information on a urinal gets special attention.
  • It is ultimate 1-to-1 communication, with 40 seconds of undivided attention. Dynamic video content will draw all the attention. Several messages, priorities, time frames and detailed reports belong to the possibilities
  • Significant numbers of men are reached
  • Possible commercial exploitation


The message or messages are displayed as a movie or slide show on the digital media player. A sensor in the urinal makes sure that the programs starts and stops when the urinal is actually in use.

How it works

Remote control

You can remotely control all players in your EcoGreen MrFriendly urinals from a single control location using your own webbrowser and the webapplication of TwinSight Media. You can group the urinals any way you want and change the content of the players remotely, per single urinal or per group, using priorities and time frames.
This solution is very well suited for use in congress centers, airports, hotels, restaurants and lunchrooms, cafeĢs, stadiums and other locations where one has to offer up-to-the-minute information. This way of advertisement is not only a stylish alternative for the A4 and A5 sized posters against the wall, it also enables you to change the content instantly.
Costs become earnings.


The urinal with media player in use. You decide what clips will be shown, using your own computer. Timeframes, days, priorities and the like can be set to show the right content. We can also arrange advertisers for you on your urinals.

The urinal or just the display panel can be supplied in almost any color.called
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Waterless urinal with media player