Costs become earnings

The media player is an excellent tool to bring information to the attention of the users of the urinal. The display is located at the most logical place to look, so it is perfect for bringing a commercial message. Managing the content on the media player can be done simply over the internet with the web application of TwinSight Media. Calculate how much you could earn.

In house control

Own content

Your own "store" offers products or services. Your visitors do not always have a good overview of these services or products and you want to draw their attention. Or you want to offer them a special promotion or package. Advertising is not any longer depending on outside possibilities, you can now also advertise to boost sales on your own sites.

Your relations

You sell services or products. Your suppliers will benefit from a greater contribution to your sales. You can offer your suppliers a place on the media player for a fee.

Through professional reseller

No worries, share in the profits

Your services or products are less suitable to promote on your urinals. But you have a lot of visitors and a good location. There are other parties interested in using the media player. Advertising on your urinals is for these parties a part of campaigns through other channels. Our media partners can fill the space on your media players, and you share in the profits.
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Waterless urinal with media player