Calculate your earnings and savings with waterless/waterfree urinals

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Location Type Urinals Visitors/day Usages/visitor Days/year available Male % Male visitors Usages



Percentage external content % Percentage own content %
Gross price per view Value per view
Nett price per view Number of views per usage 1.0-7.0
Subscription media server per month Revenue static message €/urinal

Investment / installation

Basic network installation costs Price static message
Price connect to media server Network installation per urinal
Basic water installation costs Water installation per urinal
Price waterless urinal Price water flushed urinal
Price flush valve Price valve installation


Maximum usages filter Maximum usages bottle liquid
Water used per flush 1.0l-7.0l Cost of water €/m3
Price per filter Price urinal with media player
Price per bottle liquid

Cleaning and maintenance

Maintenance/repair flush valve Time gain cleaning 0.0min-5.0min
Total time gain cleaning min. Cleaning events per day
Total time gain cleaning per day min. Cleaning costs per hour


CO2 emission (waste) water g/m3



Description Units Price per unit Total
Urinal with media player
Connection to media server
Network installation
Urinal without media player
Static message

Investment when not waterless

Description Units Price per unit Total
Water flushed urinal
Flush valve
Installation water lead
Installation flush valve


Description Total
Investment in media player
Investment in waterless/green

Intermediate result (per year)


Description Units Price per unit Total
Filters needed
Bottles of liquid needed
Media server subscriptions
Total costs

Savings and earnings

Description Units Price per unit Total
Water savings in liters
Maintenance/repair costs valves
Savings on cleaning costs
Revenue media player
Revenue static message
Total savings


Total savings
Total investment
Saving on CO2 emission kg
Water saving l
Payback time year The time needed for the water saving and any media profit to repay for the investment
Investment difference Investment difference between waterless and water flushed urinals, excluding any investment in media. A negative amount means that waterless requires a smaller investment
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