40 seconds of undivided attention of male public

The perfect place for attention to your products or services, if your target audience are men. The most logical place directly in sight, you can bring your product or service to the attention over the EcoGreen media player.

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Regular advertising

In a video spot, animation or still from 10 to 12 seconds, you bring your message short but powerful. Shown means seen. Men, who are generally familiar with the use of urinals will confirm this. The display of the media player is located in a place where it will always get the users attention. Looking away is not an option.

Your target groups

The audience reached is 100% men, 95% over 18 years. The networks are continuously under development, more specific groups will be reached in the course of time.

Adopt a urinal


Your company, product or service exclusively on a urinal, and at the same time helping an entrepreneur to sustain his business. In consultation with the entrepreneur you can get the static space on the display for a time to be agreed (one or more years) to advertise your message, depending on the number of visitors and targeted audiences. The entrepreneur has the advantages of a sponsored and cost saving urinal. We are happy to help you in finding a suitable location.


Your product and service offering varies over time, but you would like to adopt a urinal, because sustainability combined with attention to your products and services is an attractive combination. By adopting a urinal with media player you can during the agreed period customize the content, add multiple spots and stills, all at your own discretion. Actions, promotions and events can all be shown, exactly when needed.
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Waterless urinal with media player